Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Would Run

I'm sorry sweetie, I truly am, but I told you what would happen if you ran away again. Honestly though, you were gone a long time but it could have been worse. Yes, you may have some big old L cup titties now, which, say what you will, but they are making me positively drip. However, if you wouldn't have come back to me when you did they would have kept on growing until you couldn't come back under your own power at all. Now hold still while I put these restricters on, this'll pinch a bit but who knows, you may like the nipple play with those giant honkers you have going on now. Just remember, if you run away again we won't be so nice as to just change your body, and I won't be able to help you at all then.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Area Code 420

Today is a very wonderful day. I was going to dedicate a caption to it but I just couldn't come up with an idea that wasn't demeaning. This may be because I am doing what I can to celebrate my second favorite day of the year, or it may be because that was really good wine earlier, or maybe there's another reason the other two reasons are confusing...... Who the hell knows. But whether you celebrate this holiday, hate today, or don't have a clue what the hell is special about it, I hope you enjoy yourself thoroughly with or without help. Hugs and kisses to you all, Lexi Lu.

What Was I Doing Again....?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Master My Master

Master, my dear sweet master. I could no more imagine life without your guiding hand than I could an orgasm without rope. You touch my being in ways I never before imagined. Pleasing you brings to me a feeling that is so good I feel as though I have died and been born again. I know that you did this to me, changed my body and mind to fill your desires, but I forgave you for it long ago. Under the guidance if your paddle I have been shown pleasure beyond my wildest dreams. You taught me how to avoid punishment by following your will, but I wonder if you realize that I have learned to seek it as well. I believe you have, I see the smile on your face when I look back at you slapping my round bottom, the bottom you gave me. I can feel your erection pressing into my stomach as you fondle my wonderful pussy, also a gift from you. I owe you so much for teaching me the ways of this life, I can never repay you. So I give unto you everything that is mine, my body and soul are yours until the end of our time, please use me well. My Master.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here's a quickie, just to say I'm sorry for the sporadic nature of my posts lately, hope you enjoy.

Feed Your Desire

One down and I can already feel the changes beginning. It's such a relief to know they work. It took hours to get dressed, applying exfoliater, getting my wig on straight, tucking myself in juste right.... but those things I'll never have to do again. Of course after the years of research and development time I spent on the nannites a few hours prep was nothing, and it only took a small post on craigslist to get a fuel supply together to power them. You see, the trouble every researcher was having was being able to power the computers, but while researching my thesis on bioelectricity I found a solution. A normal human body can't supply enough, but with a massive influx of protein it was possible. I could have just eaten red meat, it would have taken a lot but it would have worked. It wasn't necessary though you see, cock is one of my favorite things to swallow after all, and when my transformation into the short busty ho I was meant to be is complete I don't think I'll ever go hungry again.