Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feed Your Desire

One down and I can already feel the changes beginning. It's such a relief to know they work. It took hours to get dressed, applying exfoliater, getting my wig on straight, tucking myself in juste right.... but those things I'll never have to do again. Of course after the years of research and development time I spent on the nannites a few hours prep was nothing, and it only took a small post on craigslist to get a fuel supply together to power them. You see, the trouble every researcher was having was being able to power the computers, but while researching my thesis on bioelectricity I found a solution. A normal human body can't supply enough, but with a massive influx of protein it was possible. I could have just eaten red meat, it would have taken a lot but it would have worked. It wasn't necessary though you see, cock is one of my favorite things to swallow after all, and when my transformation into the short busty ho I was meant to be is complete I don't think I'll ever go hungry again.

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