Thursday, April 16, 2009

Master My Master

Master, my dear sweet master. I could no more imagine life without your guiding hand than I could an orgasm without rope. You touch my being in ways I never before imagined. Pleasing you brings to me a feeling that is so good I feel as though I have died and been born again. I know that you did this to me, changed my body and mind to fill your desires, but I forgave you for it long ago. Under the guidance if your paddle I have been shown pleasure beyond my wildest dreams. You taught me how to avoid punishment by following your will, but I wonder if you realize that I have learned to seek it as well. I believe you have, I see the smile on your face when I look back at you slapping my round bottom, the bottom you gave me. I can feel your erection pressing into my stomach as you fondle my wonderful pussy, also a gift from you. I owe you so much for teaching me the ways of this life, I can never repay you. So I give unto you everything that is mine, my body and soul are yours until the end of our time, please use me well. My Master.

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  1. Yummy caption Lexie. Really pops of the screen and the text is just so hot.